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overturn, idea about, tump over, turn around - transform from an upright or regular position; "The massive vase overturned"; "The canoe tumped more than"

splay, unfold out, rotate, change out - turn outward; "These birds can splay out their toes"; "ballet dancers can rotate their legs out by 90 levels"

2. At an inappropriate time or in an inappropriate fashion: The scholar was reprimanded for speaking outside of switch.

(= make) → produzieren; novel and so forth → schreiben; the college turns out good instructors → das Higher education bringt gute Lehrer hervor

= shock, fright to provide someone a turn → jdm Angst or einen Schrecken einjagen; you/it gave me very a convert → du hast/es hat mir einen schönen Schrecken eingejagt

division, segment, component - among the list of parts into which one thing is viewed as divided and which together represent a whole; "the written Section of the Test"; "the finance segment of the company"; "the BBC's engineering division"

? change round (esp Brit) vi (= deal with other way) → sich umdrehen; (= go back) → umkehren; to turn round and return → umkehren; to show spherical and return to camp → ins Lager zurückkehren; he just turned spherical and hit him → er drehte sich einfach um und schlug ihn

switch the tables, convert the tide - trigger a whole reversal in the conditions; "The tables are turned given that the Republicans are in ability!"

advancement published here - a latest occasion which has some relevance for the existing circumstance; "the latest developments in Iraq"; "what a revolting enhancement!"

secularise, secularize - make secular and attract from a spiritual orientation; "Ataturk secularized Turkey"

flip - induce to move along an axis or into a new course; "transform your experience towards the wall"; "convert the vehicle close to"; "change your dance spouse around"

5. (= destine, allocate) the land is turned about to sugar creation → ahora la tierra está dedicada a la producción de azúautomobile

switch all around, reversal - turning in an opposite direction or situation; More Info "the reversal with the impression from the lens"

He turned on Pete and accused him of dealing in medicines → Il s'en prit à Pete et l'accusa Click Here de vendre de la drogue.

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